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Annual Fall Clean Up
and Winter Preparation

Now that fall has arrived, the Cemetery has begun preparation for the winter months.
This includes collecting leaves, removing flower beds, removing artificial flowers, turning down vases, and tidying plots.
This process also includes the removal of items not permitted in the Cemetery's by-laws.

[The entire by-law booklet can be downloaded or picked up at the main office]

#11, Removal of Mementos, Decorations, Etc.: "To ensure neatness and to preserve the beauty of the cemeteries, the Superintendent of each cemetery shall have supervision of flowers and other removable mementos and objects placed upon graves and lots, and when it is necessary or desirable to remove same, he shall do so. If the article(s) are deemed to have any value, the holders shall be notified, where possible, giving such holder the right within 28 days to call for and take them away, and after the lapse of 30 days from mailing such notice, or after 30 days where no notice can be given, the same may be destroyed or otherwise disposed of."

#13, Artificial Flowers: "While natural flowers are preferred, artificial flowers are permitted providing they are in a vase, which can be turned into the ground when not in use; spiked flower vases are not permitted; faded artificial flowers and dead natural flowers will be removed."

#15, Fences, Railings, Etc.: "Borders, fences, railings, walls, cut-stone copings and hedges
in or around lots are prohibited."

#21, Candle Holders, Chairs, Wire and Iron Work, Solar Lights, Etc.: "Candles and inground candleholders are only permitted in designated locations adjacent to the left side of the base of an upright monument and must be made of bronze and plexiglass. A sample is available in the office. In areas where only flat markers are permitted, candle holders may be incorporated in a bronze marker in place of the flower vase, Lighting can only be placed in the flowerbed of an upright monument, they are not allowed on flat marker lots.
No chair, wooden or wire trellis, arch or iron rods, pottery glass or cellophane, or similar articles shall be brought to or left upon any part of a cemetery".

#23, Company Not Responsible: "The Company shall take reasonable precautions to protect
the property of holders but it assumes no liability or responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, any marker, or part thereof or of any article of any type that may be placed on any lot, grave, crypt or niche or of any personal items and property brought into the cemetery."

#25, Flower Planting: "Providing a proper flower bed has been prepared, flowers may be planted by the holders or their representatives, except in feature or garden sections where all planting is done by the Company’s staff. On lots where monuments have been (or can be) erected, the planting of flowers is restricted to the area 14 inches(36 centimeters) directly in front of the monument and may not the length of the base..."

#27, Neglected Flower Beds: "To preserve the orderly appearance of the cemetery, any flower beds of the previous year which have not been planted by June 15th, may be sodded by the Company, and the cost charged to the holder. If any holder later desires a flower bed to be prepared for planting, the current charge will be made.".

#28, Wire Work and Hanging Baskets / Lights: "Wire work, iron rods and hanging baskets are prohibited."

 Please contact a member of our staff for more information or assistance with this matter.

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